Trover is a vibrant photo-sharing social network, with an active community of travel enthusiasts. Their mission is to inspire and empower people to get out and experience the world. Trovers connect through shared stories and beautiful photos (“discoveries”). Quality discoveries consist of a great photo, a well-written description, and a precise and accurate geotag.

Influencer work should echo and amplify the messaging delivered across their official channels, which is aimed at positioning Trover as a platform for influence in the travel and photography sector.

Key value propositions for Trover:

  • Trover helps inspire people and plan their travels
  • Trover offers a place to learn from other storytellers
  • Trover is a place for photographers and travelers to showcase their best photographic content and insight to a relevant audience

Objectives of the current campaign:

  • Showcase the use of Trover beyond uploading discoveries: creating lists, planning a trip, and curating travel memories
  • Promote the use of Trover, as a content creator, by using the Trover “widget” within a blog post

Influencer requirements:

We are currently looking for bloggers with a primarily North American and European reach to promote Trover on their blog (via the incorporation of a widget) and tagging Trover when promoting the post across their social media channels. Please ensure that you have read our tips for writing a blog post for Trover and are able to provide blog post suggestions that align with what we are looking for.


Selected influencers will include Trover in an upcoming blog post and share on social media, tagging Trover.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please send questions to:

To apply, fill out the application form.