Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you consider participating in Trover’s latest campaign!

Please avoid using how-to blog titles such as “How To Use Trover” and “What Is Trover”. Instead, we are interested in showing the practicality of the app while seamlessly embedding a Trover widget into your content. We would love for you to highlight lesser-known locations and niche activities as opposed to “10 Things to do in London”. For example, a recent Trover list titled “8 Places to Bring Out Your Inner Lara Croft” would translate well into blog content and integrate Trover in a thoughtful way. Or, consider your recent or upcoming travels and pitch us on how you could incorporate Trover into an upcoming blog post about them!

We’d like bloggers to focus on the practical uses of Trover. Such as:

  • Planning a trip: What do you want to see? Which restaurants do you want to try? Curate a list via discoveries that other Trovers have made!
  • Scouting photography locations: Search by your upcoming destinations to spot the most photogenic spots. Use the geotags to easily plan the route to get a shot for yourself!
  • Curating memories and practical guides following a trip: Create discoveries for all of your favourite spots, and your readers will then have an easy guide to follow and replicate your trip.

Use the Trover widget to embed lists from your Trover account into the post. The lists can show:

  • A curated list that you created from other people’s discoveries
  • Your own discoveries that you have made into specific lists
  • A combination of the above: a list featuring your own and other people’s discoveries
  • Your Trover account which will show all of your discoveries in the order that you have uploaded them

An additional tip:

  • Ensure that you are picking the ‘fill available width’ option when creating the embedded list so that the widget fills whatever format the screen is (mobile, desktop, etc)

A great example:

Recent Trover Ambassador Brendan Van Son used a Trover widget in his blog post about the Best Photo Locations in Japan. He embedded a list that he created on Trover that features photos that used the hashtag #BvSJapan to help him scout locations to photograph while on his recent trip.

Thank you for considering Trover!

Have any questions? Email for clarification!