In these last two difficult years, we bet that you’ve gotten to know some local creators and influencers well.

But where does that relationship sit now that you are busy welcoming media from further afield?

Do you have the resources to continue nurturing your local creators?

Even if you are able to manage it all, we know that we can bring value-added elements to your relationship with local creators, while also alleviating the work for you. Coming from a background of being influencers ourselves, we know what both a brand and creator need to successfully work together.

In addition, we’ve worked on two notable ambassador campaigns that produced significant results. Over three summers, we developed a local program with the Canadian Badlands that focused on resource-sharing. With Expedia’s app Trover, we went from one-off arrangements to an ambassador program that saw reach and engagement increase by astounding numbers. From these, and our own experience as influencer/ambassadors, we know what works (like no other agency does).

Let us put that knowledge to work for you – to give both you and creators space to GROW.

The ultimate result? Your destination will GROW a troupe of local content creators that will provide benefits for years to come.

Contact us today for more details and to discuss options.