Looking to shift perspectives with a speech on influencer marketing, storytelling, world travel, and more?

You’ve come to the right place.

Over the past several years HMI’s CEO Dalene Heck has traveled the globe giving seminars and keynotes to audiences of brands and influencers alike. There is no one else on this planet who can speak with the cumulative perspectives that she brings:

  • National Geographic Traveler of the Year.
  • Nomadic traveler for almost 8 years across 60 countries.
  • An innovator in the influencer marketing space, earning a prestigious W3 “Best in Show” award for the HMI Creator House concept.
  • Renowned travel content creator, earning accolades such as “Voice of the Year” by BlogHer (twice), and twice a NATJA medalist for Best Independent Travel Blog.
  • Leukemia-slayer, competitive curler, board game nerd. (Not sure how those are relevant to her talks? Book her to find out!)

Client feedback:

Dalene’s take on telling the story of adventure was a fantastic example of how powerful authenticity and leaning into brand values can translate to sales ROI. She used a combination of relatable real-life examples and her own experience in storytelling to demonstrate to our team of advisors how showcasing small moments can both inspire and change behavior. We appreciated having her speak during our event, and for helping our team to think more critically about how their own travel stories can also be powerful sales tools.
Allison Clark Villasenor
AAA Northeast (Club Adventures)
The Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) recently had the pleasure of hosting Dalene to speak to our members about working with influencers in a post-peak pandemic world. To say the webinar was successful is an understatement. We had almost 1/3rd of our membership participate live and the feedback was a resounding two thumbs up. Dalene came prepared with stats, real-life examples, and plenty of anecdotal experience that was useful to both our industry members and our media members.
Marc Smith
TMAC Board of Directors

“Dalene’s presentation style takes you on a journey. Her expertise in creating content, telling stories, and utilizing social media comes to life as she uses real examples from her exciting adventures around the globe. I would ask her to speak at Rocky Mountain Social Summit year after year.” ~ Christine Pilarski, CIPR Communications

Other recent clients include: SocialEast (Halifax), TIANB Annual Summit (New Brunswick), AAA Great Vacations Travel Expo (Ohio), TravelCon (Austin, Boston, and Memphis), Women in Business Conference (Alberta), Tourism Kamloops Summit (British Columbia), Travelcon (Czech Republic), International Indigenous Tourism Conference (Saskatchewan), and many more.

Recent attendee feedback:

A truly memorable presentation… Dalene created a real connection with her audience and the content was informative and useful.
One of the best presentations I’ve heard over the past few years.
Best session for my business thus far! What a story she tells. Engaging, emotional, and real. I feel inspired to help my own clients tell their stories.
Dalene’s story was inspiring enough as it stands — but her tips, advice, and down-to-earth approach to this session made it accessible and digestible. I took countless notes on ways to implement her tactics.
Absolutely adored this session!! It really helped center storytelling in marketing and understanding the importance of that.
I laughed and cried. Loved this session and Dalene’s story. Her openness and honesty were refreshing, engaging, and entertaining.

Every time Dalene steps on the stage, it’s with a presentation that is tailored to the specific needs of whoever is in front of her. That being said, these are the topics she can expertly speak to and tailor for your organization:

*Most Popular* The Science of Storytelling

With the rapid deluge of marketing messages demanding consumer’s attention daily, how does a brand even begin to stand out? This speech dives into the center of the brain to teach how to tell authentic stories that have the greatest effect.

A Critical Look at Influencer Marketing

You all know WHY you need to work with influencers, but it’s time to take a deeper look at HOW to do it properly. This talk focuses on finding influencers that align with your brand, how to properly vet them, and how to set your campaign up for success.

Make Your Content Travel

Are you a tourism brand looking to up your presence in the digital space? Dalene will show you how to turn one story into ten, and how to turn followers into customers.

From Start to Finish: A How-To Guide to an Influencer Campaign

HMI has executed campaigns with hundreds of influencers over the past six years. This presentation will take a sample project from start to finish (YOU provide the campaign parameters in advance and Dalene will tailor her talk to mimic the execution).

All of the above topics are also available via one-on-one coaching sessions or interactive seminars. Use the CONTACT button below to get started.