Freelance Writers Wanted!

We are looking for ~800 word articles about housesitting — either from the perspective of a house-sitter or home owner (first priority) — that will be published on Nomador’s blog.

We are always looking for articles to be created via a variety of authors. We are open to just about anything (including narrative stories), as long as a similar angle has not already been featured on the Nomador blog. Please review the Nomador blog carefully.

Please note the following…

  • The articles must include 2-3 appropriate photos (600px wide, either your own photos or creative commons with link provided).
  • Payment is $200 USD per article, after publishing, with Net 30 terms. (Note that neither HMI or Nomador will be responsible for payment transfer costs – i.e. Paypal fees.)
  • We would very much appreciate promotion on your social media networks of the final article, with a tag to Nomador’s account.
  • We own final editorial control, but if there are any substantial changes, we will review with you. Note that it is possible the blog will be translated and reposted in French (giving credit to the original author).
  • You will be required to sign HMI’s standard service agreement upon award. If you would like to see a review copy in advance, please let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please send any questions to