We are thrilled to announce Creator Coast in fall of 2020! However, given the uncertainty of the situation surrounding COVID-19, please be advised that the proposed dates may be subject to change. For the latest information on COVID-19 in Nova Scotia, follow this link.

Come and create along the coast of Nova Scotia

As one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces, Nova Scotia has an unmatched ability to hold its own as a dreamy Canadian destination. With varied and stunning landscapes, friendly locals, and traditions that are downright quirky, Nova Scotia is unlike any destination in the world.

From the iconic Appalachian Mountain ranges (yes they extend from central Alabama through Canada’s maritime provinces!), lush river valleys, forests, and a varied sea coast ranging from extremely rugged to broad sandy beaches, every region in Nova Scotia gives an opportunity to see a remarkable element of this breathtaking province.

With the variety of landscapes, Nova Scotia is a photographer’s dream – allowing an infinite number of stunning background scenes within a short driving distance. The varied terrain also allows for ample hiking opportunities and water activities (like kayaking!) are some of the best ways to view the abundant marine life that frequent the area. Although the views are impeccable, the true flavour of Nova Scotia can be found within the unique cultural traditions and language dialects in this historic province. Fully immerse yourself in the unique offerings and see what makes Nova Scotia a truly Canadian destination that you never knew you needed to experience.

Unleash your creative potential with a one-of-a-kind Nova Scotia experience

For one week in each of August and September, a number of creators and influencers will be invited to experience one of six areas of Nova Scotia. The campaign will be in the same spirit as the Creator House concept, in that creators will curate their own dream Nova Scotia itinerary in one of these six regions:

  • Halifax This capital city by the sea deftly blends the past with the present to produce a skyline dotted with elegant 18th- and 19th-century architecture alongside ultra-modern towers of glass and steel. The heart of Halifax is perfect for exploring on foot, with treelined streets, internationally acclaimed restaurants, galleries, libraries, museums and more. Inviting sidewalk cafés beckon you to spend a few hours amid park-like, waterfront, and historic settings in the busy downtown, often with a backdrop of the bustling harbour. Highlights include: Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, the Halifax Waterfront, Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, Fisherman’s Cove, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, George’s Island, and a vibrant local culinary scene. Halifax is also a hotspot for nightlife in Nova Scotia, with a vibrant music scene and more pubs per capita than anywhere else in Canada! The city offers endless experiences to discover including unique neighbourhoods and a plethora of local shops and boutiques.
  • Cape Breton IslandPjila’si! One hundred thousand welcomes! Bienvenue! Ciad mille failte! These words of welcome have long been offered to visitors as they arrive in Cape Breton, ready to explore a place filled with outdoor adventure, scenic drives with breathtaking views, and the freshest seafood imaginable. From its storied history and Scottish, English, Acadian and Mi’kmaw cultures to music, talented artisans, and friendly locals, a new discovery awaits you around every turn. Highlights include: Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Fortress of Louisbourg, Alexander Graham Bell Museum, world-class golf, unique culinary experiences and a lively music scene.
  • Yarmouth & Acadian Shores There’s a bit of magic in the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia. It’s quiet and peaceful, yet full of adventure. It’s where the land meets the seas. Where English and Acadian cultures coexist. And where the darkest skies let the stars shine their brightest. It’s where the food is fresh and local and the music is too. It’s where the stars align. Highlights include Cape Forchu Lighthouse, Yarmouth waterfront, UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere, Musique de la Baie, Mavillette Beach, Pubnico’s Historical Acadian Village of Nova Scotia, Beaux Vendredis seafood suppers, Smugglers Cove Provincial Park. 
  • Bay of Fundy & Annapolis ValleyClimb 300-foot cliffs overlooking waters where 12 species of whales come to mate, play and feast on plankton each year. Later, walk on the ocean floor when the tide has dropped the height of a four-story building. With the scent of the salty ocean air still fresh in your memory, remember that lobster, scallops, mussels, smoked salmon and the abundance of farm-fresh produce from this region complement the offerings of the area’s award-winning wineries. Highlights include: Fundy Geo Park, coastal hiking, whale watching in Digby, Maude Lewis, Magic Winery Bus, Debert Flight Centre, Tidal Viewing Park, tidal bore rafting, Downtown Truro, Scallop Capital, and Victoria Park.
  • South ShoreCoastal villages with colourful waterfronts and long white sandy beaches make this part of the province a photographer’s dream. Whether it’s solitude you seek or adventure you crave, a visit to this region will satisfy. Enjoy lobster freshly plucked from the sea or spirits aged aboard a tall ship; strolling the white sand beaches or hiking the canopied forest trails. Quintessential Nova Scotia awaits you here. Highlights include: the village of Chester, the Privateer town of Liverpool, the beaches of Queens County, Boat Tours, Kejimkujik National Park & Historic Site (including Keji Seaside), and Sensea Nordic Spa.
  • Eastern & Northumberland Shores – With more warm-water ocean beaches than anywhere else in Canada, the Northumberland Shore is Beach Country. Local producers of wine, spirits, craft beer, chocolate and seafood are also dotted along this coastline, making for perfect pit stops as you beach hop. Next door, along the Eastern Shore, is no different – it’s a place where historically themed attractions, pristine wilderness, comforting cuisine and expansive beaches come together to create a scenic seaside getaway. Highlights include: Sugar Moon Farm, Tatamagouche, Hector Heritage Quay, Seafoam Lavender Farm, 100 Wild Islands, Sherbooke Village, Melmerby Beach, Clam Harbour Beach, and Hope for Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Along with Tourism Nova Scotia and a number of partners across the province, we invite you to play outside, eat well, sleep soundly, and be inspired to create. It is up to you to design your itinerary and share with the world what you discover in Nova Scotia.

What’s in it for you?

  • An exceptional experience in one designated region of Nova Scotia during either August 23 – 29 (for Canadian influencers only) or September 20 – 26 (open to the rest of the world). Let us know which region you would like to see most; we will do our best to accommodate based on your desired activities and available dates.
  • Transportation to and from Nova Scotia, a rental car upon arrival, accommodations, meals (via a set per diem).
  • All experiences (event tickets, admissions, etc.) will be arranged and covered either in advance or via an allocated budget.
  • It may be possible to receive a fee beyond the above complimentary travel and experiences, dependent on the value of your offering. Please note that Tourism Nova Scotia and their partners are very interested in procuring photo and video assets during this campaign.

What we are looking for…

  • Adventurous and independent travelers who are eager to experience the range of experiences offered by Nova Scotia and are comfortable exploring to their own schedule.
  • Creators with a predominantly North American audience for their work (in particular, demographics in northeastern United States as well as Eastern Canada).
  • We are most interested in those with strong photography and engaged audiences on more than one platform, with a primary focus on blogs, Instagram, and YouTube.

Thank you to those who applied! You will be hearing from us soon.