We invite you to explore the possibility of joining our campaign pitch to celebrate Canadian cities!

What is City Swap?

(Have you ever seen the movie The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet? City Swap is kind of like that except without all the tears and man drama – hopefully – and much more travel!)

City Swap is an opportunity for Canadian travel influencers to help showcase all the beauty that their home city has to offer while experiencing another. Two influencers will switch cities for 48 hours and experience an itinerary that the other influencer has designed just for them.

HMI will be pitching this campaign idea to 10 cities across Canada with 10 influencers represented. The swaps will be done with some consideration of the tourism board’s suspected desired audiences, and are suggested below:

Edmonton –> Saskatoon
Calgary –> Winnipeg
Vancouver –> Toronto
Ottawa –> St John
Montreal –> Halifax

What’s In It For You?

  • Experience a Canadian city from a local perspective (and with all expenses covered).
  • A chance to showcase the best of your hometown.
  • Take part in a unique, country-wide campaign that will expose you to new audiences via your fellow participants.
  • Payment of $1,500 CAD upon completion of deliverables.

How it Works

Upon approval from the tourism boards, you will switch cities with another Canadian travel influencer for two days and experience their favourite eats, activities, and must-see spots! In return, they will experience your home city per your recommendations. Each influencer will be tasked with creating a detailed 2-day itinerary tailored to the influencer coming to their city. The itineraries should be made with the other influencer in mind and reflect their strengths and interests. You will also be expected to post about the swap and what the other influencer is doing in your hometown to create an online dialogue before, during and after the swap. HeckticTravels.com will also be involved by hosting a summary blog post of your experience!

We expect the travel to take place in May-June, and not necessarily simultaneously with the other influencers.


If you are interested, we will need you to provide current website social media channel statistics, as well as agree to the following deliverables that will be a part of our pitch to the destinations:

  • Creation and promotion of an itinerary for the influencer you are swapping with.
  • Following the itinerary created for you.
  • Promoting the project, and the other influencers/cities involved, ahead of the actual travel.
  • Engaging and promoting the other influencers/cities involved during and after travel. A key factor of this campaign will be the collective influence of all participants, country-wide. Your ongoing engagement will be important!
  • The following minimum levels of promotion about your experience in the other city: One blog and/or vlog about your experience, posted within one month of your travels. 4 Facebook posts, 4 Instagram posts, 2 days of Instagram Stories, 8 Tweets.
  • A 300-word post about the experience, and at least one corroborating photo, to be used in a compilation post about City Swap (for HeckticTravels.com).
WANNA SWAP? Let Tawny@HeckticMedia.com know you are interested and we’ll tell you what else we need in order to move this forward.

Please note that this is in the initial stage only and the campaign is not guaranteed. We will keep you fully updated of our progress along the way.