HMI’s goal is to ensure fair and favorable outcomes for both our Clients and Contractors, securing trust and establishing guidelines for future collaborations and continued growth.

If Contractor has a negative experience at any time during the campaign, they agree to contact HMI immediately to mitigate the problem. It is our policy to ensure Clients have the opportunity to discuss any potential for negative coverage prior to publication. Further, the Client will be given the opportunity to provide a statement that must be included in the review at the time of publication to ensure a balanced account of the issues encountered and the measures taken to correct them. This is an important policy to ensure trust between Contractor and Client by opening communication while committing to honesty and professionalism.

In agreeing to work with HMI and associated Clients, Contractor has read and fully understands this Negative Review Policy. If at any time during a campaign the Contractor feels unable to complete the agreed-upon expectations for any reason, they agree to notify HMI immediately to mitigate the problem. In the event that a solution cannot be reached, Contractor reserves the right to not complete the campaign with the understanding that monetary compensation may not be provided due to inability to complete deliverables.

If you have any questions, please send them to