Are you a content creator who is…

  • Wondering why your media kit isn’t closing deals as it should?
  • Sending cold emails that are turning off potential collaborators?
  • In need of advice on negotiations with a brand, including how to price your offer?
  • Looking for direction on a content strategy?
  • Craving a second opinion on ANY influencer/creator-related issues?

You’ve come to the right place.
Because we have a seat on both sides of the table.

The team at HMI has done and seen it all: We are made up of OG travel bloggers, a former tourism board staffer, and a knowledgable social media pro. We’ve accumulated numerous marketing awards, have been honoured by National Geographic Traveler, BlogHer (twice), and the North American Travel Journalists Association (also twice). And we have an outstanding reputation among destinations, travel brands, and creators alike.

Our founders are sought-after speakers who have given talks at TravelCon, TBEX, the Rocky Mountain Social Summit, Canada Media Marketplace. They’ve also spoken to industry professionals at destination conferences in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Czech Republic, and to travel agents at AAA.

We literally wrote a book on how travel brands can best work with influencers (read the stellar reviews here), and have also published guides on storytelling in social media and on influencer pricing trends.

We’ve been in this business far before the word influencer was even mainstream, and since HMI was founded, our small team has paid out nearly one million dollars to creators through a variety of travel campaigns.

All of this experience gives us the RIGHT knowledge to help you - the creator - earn what you deserve.

Not only are we able to guide you on brand-related issues, but we’ve also got our finger on the pulse of all-things-influencer-marketing. We can give you the fresh take you need. And if we don’t have the EXACT answer you’re looking for, we won’t bullshit you. We have such a vast network of knowledgeable colleagues that we’ll make sure you get precisely the insight and information that you require.

Dalene and her team took my existing media kit and pitch emails and put them on steroids! Dalene shared every one of her secrets with me to boost my brand. I’ll continue to use her as a resource!
Christa Jimenez
Thank you so much for your time and your useful insights. I tend to invest in consults occasionally and you’ve been the most professional so far!
Lavina Dsouza

Depending on your needs, we currently have the capacity to take on some ad hoc consulting for influencers and creatives. These are the areas we are well-versed in:

Perfecting your pitch.

Want extra eyes on a pitch email or your media kit? We’ve seen so many, and we talk to regularly brands  about what they look for from influencers. We can give guidance on media kit structure, provide you with email copy that converts, and even give direction on how to price projects.

Contract negotiation.

Dalene is NOT a lawyer (nor does she play one on TV!), but she has plenty of experience and can advise on terms and strategies. Prior to her many years working with influencers (and as an influencer herself), she spent almost 10 years negotiating deals for big corporations.*

Blogging content strategies.

We’ve stacked up many awards over the years as bloggers, influencers, and now as a digital marketing agency. We can perform a full-blown audit, or help guide you in the right direction on everything from optimizing old articles for search to storytelling with purpose.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask…and if we don’t feel equipped to provide you with the best advice, we’ll help you find someone who will.

* On this, and with pricing advice, it is only possible as long as no conflict of interest exists with current HMI clients.

Ready to get started?
We’ll make this easy for you.

Getting our expert advice is only $75 CAD/hour. (That’s a killer deal when converted to many other currencies.)

Just send an email to with details on what you are looking for (plus supplemental info. If you want us to look at your media kit…send your media kit). We may ask a few questions in return, but after that initial outreach, we’ll give an estimate of the number of hours we’ll need and start on the work when you approve.

Let us help take YOUR creator brand to the next level.

Contact us today for more details and to discuss options.