8 Reasons to Work With Influencers

There is no need to explain the term ‘Influencer Marketing’ to you, I am sure. It is not a new concept, and as of late, it’s getting a lot of recognition.

But are you implementing it yet?

Maybe you haven’t strategized the best way to integrate it into your marketing plan, or maybe you’re worried it won’t work for you and your brand. Of course you know that we are strong advocates for taking that crucial step forward, but you don’t need to just take our word for it.

Here are the reasons your business (big or small!) should use influencers, according to the experts:

    • They create original content: According to the Forbes Agency Council, influencers can produce original content and appeal to different (and very specific) audiences. Bring them onboard to talk about your travel brand or destination, and let a new and creative voice tell your story.


    • And they are professionals at creating the right content: Content creation is a large percent of the marketing battle, and according to Misha Talavera, co-founder of the influencer marketing platform NeoReach, influencers are experts at content creation.


    • More productive working relationships: If you’re working with influencers, you’re working with real people, facilitating more productive working relationships.


    • There is less of a financial investment: A new report by the influencer management platform Traackr states that influencer marketing is a strategic marketing step that can cost much less than traditional marketing methods.


    • Help build trust in your brand: Trust in marketing is becoming more and more important, says Devon Wijesinghe, a tech entrepreneur and investor: “Influencer marketing transfers the implicit trust that consumers have in people they follow online and transfers it to a brand.”


    • Consumers trust real people: Jay Baer, the president of Convince & Convert, a speaker, a podcaster, and an author, explains: “Americans trust recommendations from real people significantly more than we trust advertising and promotions from brands, in any guise.” Authenticity is important! Curalate’s new influencer marketing guide revealed that 92% of consumers “…make purchases based on recommendations from their immediate network over advertisements.”


    • Achieve high levels of engagement: Philip Brown, the head of brand and influencer marketing at Come Round, states that influencers come with a higher level of engagement: “These people often come with a level of influence that brands simply don’t have…Their audience is more engaged and responsive to them – more so than content pushed out by a brand on the web or TV.”


    • Impressive ROI generation: Nielsen Catalina Solutions and TapInfluence produced a case study that revealed that content created by influencers generates ROI that is 11 times higher than other traditional digital campaigns.


All the experts say so – still need convincing? We work with influencers from all over the world, so we know the drill. We’ll work with you to develop and manage social media and influencer campaigns so your business can take the next step with less stress. Contact us to learn more.


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