We are BACK with another campaign looking for influencers to help get the word out about Viator! 

Objectives of the Campaign

Memories don’t just happen—they’re made. Viator, a Tripadvisor company, makes it easy to find and book something you’ll love to do.  In Seoul, San Francisco, Seville, and beyond, Viator is the experiences marketplace. From the must-do, to the who-knew, to the ooh-la-la, we’re where your best memories are waiting to be made. Viator. One site, 300,000+ experiences you’ll remember.

The Viator brand voice is playful, inspiring, helpful, and kind. Viator content should come off as a best friend or cool older sibling sharing all the amazing details about the cool tour they are on (including causing serious cases of FOMO).

In this campaign, we will work with you to select an experience that can fit within your existing travel schedule or select something close to home and make sure it is something that you (and your audience) will enjoy! While we love evergreen content, please also consider fall colors, Christmas markets/holiday experiences, and other options specifically related to seasonality to help showcase the broad variety of experiences available. There are also opportunities to be part of this campaign in which we may ask the content to take different creative forms — we could send you on an experience of your choice, have you do a specific tour in your destination, or even ask you to film content with a specific theme or message in mind that may or may not require any travel. 

We are looking for a number of influencers to enjoy Viator experiences from now and into the beginning of 2024. So if you are not selected at first, don’t worry! We will be using the applications as a reference to pull new candidates from over the next several months.

For reference, below are some content examples from previous campaigns that Viator really loved:

  • Half-Day Tour of Antelope Canyon, USA @theloverspassport – Reel
  • Guatemalan Street Food Tour @lilmsawkward – Reel
  • Bavarian Beer & Food Tour in Munich, Germany @SamuelandAudreyTravelandFoodVideos – YouTube

  • Guided tour to the Siwa Oasis, Egypt @riotravelers – Reel
  • Hot Air Balloon Tour in Cappadocia, Turkey @emiliabeattie – TikTok
  • Bali Photography Tour @kirstyleanneytravels – Reel

Requirements and Deliverables

  • For this campaign, we are looking for influencers who primarily have an audience in the USA (other English-speaking countries – i.e. Canada, Australia, UK – may also be considered).
  • In addition, we would like content creators who are strong on one or more of the following platforms: TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Selected influencers will embark on one experience from Viator and promote the journey on their social channels, following guidelines, tagging Viator, and using the requested hashtag(s).
  • The experience should be near to where you are (or where your planned travels will take you), in order to keep travel costs low. The experience cost will be covered, along with a maximum amount for related expenses, and we are open to you bringing a +1 as well.
  • Social media content is subject to review and approval from the HMI and Viator team and must be published according to a specific schedule (roughly within 2 weeks of the experience).
  • Within two weeks of posting, influencers will provide relevant statistics in the format requested by the HMI team.
  • All social media files (that make up the deliverables of this campaign) will need to be submitted with the statistics so that Viator can repost on their channels (with proper credit back to you). We will require two versions of the final files: 1/ Without music and 2/ Without music and text (if applicable).
  • If selected, experiences can start as soon as June and would need to be completed by January 2024.
  • Content should be colorful and engaging with an emphasis on the tour and utilizing Viator to book.
  • NEW for this year: While we have focused more heavily on short-form video in recent campaigns, this time we do want to also include a balanced selection of photo-only posts as well. In addition, we expect that roughly half the budget will go towards promotion of Viator tours that focus on a variety of summer experiences, with the other half going to seasonal initiatives like fall colors and Christmas markets.


In consideration of the above, please advise of your suggested deliverables (social media promotion) and the corresponding fees.

In the application, please stipulate any foreseeable expenses. Since this partnership spans across a few months, there may be opportunities for some influencers to have longer partnerships with multiple experiences, so please advise of the impact on your proposal in the space provided.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the campaign or application, please email tawny@hmi.marketing